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🔹 This is a article that will help you to know how we can use machine learning inside docker.

🔹 This is the first task of the MLOPS Summer Internship under the guidance of the world record holder Mr.Vimal Daga sir .

👉 Pull the Docker container…

In this article we are going to Integrate Jenkins, Docker, and Github to achieve End-to-End Automation.

❗ Task Description ❗

1. Create container image that’s has Jenkins installed using dockerfile
2. When we launch this image, it should automatically starts Jenkins service in the container.
3. Create a job chain of job1, job2, job3 and…

🔅 Create a key pair

🔅 Create a security group

🔅 Launch an instance using the above created key pair and security group.

🔅 Create an EBS volume of 1 GB.

🔅 The final step is to attach the above created EBS volume to the instance you created in the…

✳️Create High Availability Architecture with AWS CLI

✳️The architecture includes-

🔅Document Root(/var/www/html) made persistent by mounting on EBS Block Device.

🔅Static objects used in code such as pictures stored in S3

🔅Setting up Content Delivery Network using CloudFront and using the origin domain as S3 bucket.

🔅Finally , place the…

Ansible is an open source IT configuration management, deployment, and orchestration tool. It is unique from other management tools in many respects, aiming to provide large productivity gains to a wide variety of automation challenges as a more productive drop-in replacement for many core capabilities in other automation solutions. …

🔹 Task 1 — Ansible🔹


🔹 Configure Docker

🔹 Start and enable Docker services

🔹 Pull the httpd server image from the Docker Hub

🔹 Run the httpd container and expose it to the public

🔹 Copy the html code in /var/www/html directory and…

♦️ Deploy Web Server on AWS through ANSIBLE!

🔹 Provision EC2 instance through ansible.

🔹 Retrieve the IP Address of instance using the dynamic inventory concept.

🔹 Configure the web server through ansible!

  • As Ansible is built on top of python, a Python Software Development Kit (SDK) is required that…

⚡ Create an Ansible Playbook which will dynamically load the variable file named same as OS_name and just by using the variable names we can Configure our Target Node.

In This task we have to create a dynamic var files , with name of remote name which we will used…

🔅Provision EC2 instances through ansible.

🔅 Retrieve the IP Address of instances using the dynamic inventory concept.

🔅Configure the web servers through the ansible role.

🔅Configure the load balancer through the ansible role.

🔅The target nodes of the load balancer should auto-update as per the status of web servers.


In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive or to be specific, “hardware and software services from a provider on the internet.”

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